About Lisa

Lisa has lived in the Boone County for close to 40 years now. She is married to Gary and they live on a small farm east of Columbia. They are also part of a small family business known as Ballenger Propane that has been serving the area since 1967. When Lisa is not working, she enjoys being with her family, spending time outside enjoying nature and recently started a little business called Isa Oy 360 Art Designs LLC. She loves to create paintings with watercolors and acrylic glass designs on canvas, and travels around in-and-out of state to different festivals selling her Art.

Growing up on the farm taught her the value and reward of hard work. After high school, she had the distinct privilege of developing skills in public service and leadership from none other than Sam Walton at Wal-Mart. Encouraging others, instilling positive attitudes and developing efficiencies are some of the work and life skills she learned during her time there, and these skills carried in to her work in the Recorder’s Office. Retired Recorder of Deeds Bettie Johnson hired Lisa in 1991 as a deputy recorder, so for over 27 years now she has been recording the future and preserving the past.

Boone County citizens deserve a full-time elected official to represent the office, someone who will lead with integrity and efficiency, along with a staff that is well trained. Lisa has goals for improving the safety of early Boone County records and will stay up to date and current on technology and legislation to implement changes needed to run the Recorder’s Office.

Lisa is someone you can trust to show up and do the job, she has good work ethics, skills and on-the-job experience. She is a dedicated public servant with over 37 years of professional service.

Paid for by Friends of Lisa Ballenger, Tina Marso, Treasurer.